Websites & Blogs


  1. Fear Free Happy Homes
  2. Dogwise
  3. Clicker Training
  4. The Other End of the Leash by Patricia McConnell
  5. American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior

Online Learning

  1. Grisha Stewart Academy (online classes, webinar, content memberships)
  2. Fenzi Dog Sports Academy (online classes, webinars, self-study, etc.), often featuring big-name trainers and pet-dog topics too 

YouTube, Instagram, TikTok

  1. Dog Training by Kikopup – YouTube, Instagram, TikTok
  2. Sarah Walsh – YouTube, Instagram, TikTok
  3. Patricia McConnell – Instagram
  4. Chirag Patel Animal Behavior and Training (muzzle training, bucket game, etc.)  – YouTube, Instagram
  5. Leslie McDevitt’s Control Unleashed Program & Pattern Games – YouTube (also search YouTube for others using Leslie’s methods)
  6. Denise Fenzi – Instagram, TikTok

Dog Adoptions & Rescues

  1. Humane Society of Boulder Valley
  2. Summit Dog Rescue
  3. Rez Dawg Rescue
  4. Farfel’s Farm & Rescue
  5. Foothills Animal Shelter (Golden / Jefferson county)
  6. Charlie’s Place (Clear Creek & Gilpin counties)
  7. NoCo Humane (Larimer & Weld counties)
  8. Soul Dog Rescue (Fort Lupton)