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Amigo was such a wild puppy that it was almost impossible for the vet to give him his first exam and shots.  In fact, the vet said dogs like him often had to be put down when they became two.  I enrolled us (Amigo and I) in Gigi’s Puppy Class and told her of our problems with vet visits.  Gigi came with us to the vet’s and showed me some techniques to help him tolerate the handling.  He does fine at the vet’s now and is a Therapy Dog working in both a nursing home and the hospital for 3 years.  I honestly believe that Gigi Moss saved his life by helping him learn to behave.
I started Gigi’s puppy class with my 8-week old Welsh Terrier, Riley and learned so much right from the start that I decided to continue with private lessons on a weekly basis. Every idea, answer and solution Gigi offered – worked! She has solutions for all the problems that all new puppy owners are having. She also made it clear to me that it takes time and things don’t just happen. Riley graduated at 18 months and is such a well behaved dog. We go ‘off leash’ all the time and she is a good listener. I attribute all of it to Gigi. I highly recommend Gigi Moss Dog Training.
Peggy Romano with Riley


Gigi’s instruction has been essential to my training Canto, my fourth German Shepherd. Where my previous dogs had been willing learners who had excelled in obedience trials, sheepherding, and with the most wonderfully successful of them all, as a certified search and rescue dog, my current dog, Canto, presented me with problems in training I had never encountered before. He was both high-wired and willful in a way I did not know how to cope with. Gigi’s positive re-enforcement training has made possible his developing into a wonderful dog who is reliably obedient, a great agility dog, and a joy to live with.
Grietje Sloan with Canto
Harlow is a two year old Australian Shepherd. She and I have been training with Gigi since she was 5 months old. Every day I am amazed that she actually listens, obeys commands and best of all…comes when I call her!! Harlow can go anyplace with me because Gigi has taught us real life skills in various environments.  Trails, parks, sidewalks, stores – you will learn all of it – but be patient. It takes commitment, time and repetition to have a “GOOD DOG” ! Thanks Gigi for being mellow, positive and patient. We could never have done it without you. We love you!
Rita Roberts with Harlow


My puppy, Sadie, was afraid of everything and everyone. I was heartbroken and frantic to find help. A friend gave me Gigi’s number. I called her on a Friday and left a tear-soaked voice message. Gigi called me back Saturday morning before her 9 am puppy kindergarten class. “Bring Sadie to class,” Gigi said. I stammered about how Sadie was too afraid. “Come anyway,” Gigi said. So we did. And, that was the beginning of Sadie’s blossoming. Sadie and I became regulars at Gigi’s puppy class. By the third class, Sadie yipped (screamed, really) with excitement when we pulled into the parking lot. Her little body wiggled so much with anticipation I could barely hold onto her as I lifted her out of the car. Sadie is 4 years old now and more confident and social than I could have ever imagined, thanks to Gigi. 
Sadie's Kennel
Because we live in the mountains we believe it to be essential to introduce our Berners to new people, dogs and a variety of situations in town. Gigi’s classes include basic obedience, problem solving discussions and socialization skills which are fun for both people and pets. It’s great to have our dogs enjoy going to class!
Sue Thompson


Gigi has been instrumental in helping us learn how to train our dogs.  Daisy was afraid of many things–but especially unfamiliar people. Gigi coached us, and with positive training, Daisy improved, and today she is a well-adjusted “regular” dog. Our second dog Kite presented us with opposite challenges–he loves all people but is afraid of unfamiliar dogs. I continue to work with him in Gigi’s classes. Our dogs are an important part of our family and so is Gigi. I know our dogs have been transformed by Gigi’s influence, but I think we have benefitted more. Who knew training our dogs could be so much fun! 
 From my experience, Gigi Moss is a great teacher.  Her rapport with her canine students is outstanding.  Her poise, control and humor during classes allows doggie owners to feel relaxed and confident in their skills to establish a loyal relationship with their canine companions. She sets realistic expectations for humans and dogs, understands the mind and social skills of dogs and conveys her wisdom and knowledge with great love and respect for dogs and their owners.  I am indeed grateful to have met Gigi.  She has fostered and nurtured my relationship with my beloved Nikki to a new level of respect and understanding. 
Veronika with Nikki
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