Puppy Kindergarten


Dog Health Note:

All puppies must be healthy and current on their vaccinations.  For very young dogs, that means they’ve had at least their first round of shots. Proof of vaccinations is required at your first class.

No dog park policy: Please do not attend puppy class if you are using the dog park, as it might expose other puppies to potentially dangerous germs.

Join Meetup

Cost: $20 per session

Wednesday @ 7 pm,  Saturday @ 9 am and Sundays @ 9:30am.

Location: Gigi Moss Dog Training1280 Centaur Village Dr., Lafayette, CO.

New classes are added once a week to ensure the new members have an opportunity to attend

For puppies approximately 8 to 16 weeks old. These group sessions allow puppies to play, socialize, and begin learning basic skills in a supportive, safe environment:

The puppies have a supervised, off leash play session and we work on rewarding basic skills. There is also a question and answer period so that you can learn the best ways to address behaviors at home and in public. When your puppy is exposed to many kinds of dogs and people in a controlled way, when young, they become more reliable and confident adults.

In addition, it’s a great place for canine families to ask questions and get the support they need as puppies mature and new issues crop up. Raising a new puppy, if you’ve never done it before or if it’s been awhile, is hard work. I can help. Supplies needed for this class are; a four-six foot leash (non retractable), harness and rewards. I strongly recommend either the RedDingo harness, or Freedom No-Pull Harness.  Look for these at Gigi & CO Pet Products, Farfel’s Farm, P.C.’s Pantry, Struttin’ Pup and Whole Pets. (If you carry these supplies and would like us to mention you on our website, please let us know.)